About Us

Hornback Roofing & Construction specializes in re-roofs and complete fence replacements.

Our roofing crews are professional, courteous, and detail oriented. We demand it. We use the best materials on the market, including high definition ridge cap as well as shingles, assure that your roof is adequately ventilated, and make sure every customer we serve is “Completely Satisfied”.

Our fencing customers experience that same level of satisfaction. We use contractor grade fence materials from suppliers that serve fence professionals only. As in roofing, it’s not just the quality of materials used that matters, it’s also about the quality of the crews installing them. A good fence is easy to see.

We have the crews for complete exterior painting and siding projects, cedar pergola’s, decks, roof extensions, adding pitch to flat roofs, and even landscaping.

Call Hornback Roofing and Construction today for any of your home exterior needs.

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